• Start well

    Deliver customer value

    Make up the current state


  • Get on

    Build capability

    Transform from A to B


  • Control

    Learn to apply

    Educate and certify


Deliver customer value

LCB collects and analyses facts. On that basis, we start a discussion, look for deepening, and make a changeover towards a potential for improvement.
Current state

In a period of 1 to 4 weeks, we identify the present situation. We look at the problem from various angles. We try to find out, for example, how the problem was created. When doing so, we find it important to keep our client up to speed. Because of our many years of experience, we can come up with a quick and thorough (impact) analysis based on figures. At the end of the scan we determine together if we will continue to the analysis phase.


During the scan, a first overall analysis was made. During the analysis phase we refine this further by collecting additional data. We do this during a period of 2 to 8 weeks. First, we make an analysis of the facts and following that we will come up with a solution. This way, we avoid simply patching things up without getting to the real cause of things. Of course, we will work together in this with those involved: staff, managers and/or customers of our client.

Testing ground

During the testing ground phase, we incorporate in a period of 1 to 3 months the improvements. We take supervision in this and make clear what the achievements are, and which are the bottlenecks. We will make concrete agreements about this. We start the testing ground, for example, by continuously improving and teach the client how this works. During or after the testing ground, we will come up with follow-up advice.

Build capability

LCB transforms by showing things, doing things together, and by letting others do things. Delivered tailor-made with interim management, consultancy and coaching.

Consultancy happens by means of ‘watch, join in, do it yourself’. The goal is that you can do it yourself, so that we are no longer needed. During the transformation there will therefore be continuous monitoring to what extent support is used.


We will take your organisational (unit) from an interim role from A to B. How? With our background we are used to quickly analysing what a department or organisation needs. We all have a background as Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and manager.


We provide professional coaching for professionals, managers and teams. The coaches of LCB are trained and very experienced. Team coaching ensures better cooperation and puts the team members in their strength, resulting in better results


LCB is accredited by Cardiff University based on the Lean Competency System (LCS) to perform examinations and to present the internationally recognised LCS certificates for Yellow Green and Black Belt.

LCB has open registrations for individual participants. You will take part in one of our YellowGreen or Black belt courses with participants from various organisations. So, besides acquiring new knowledge, you will also expand your network.

LCB also offers our in-company courses for groups. We do this for both small and very large organisations. Curious to know which organisations we already trained? Would you like to know more about our special in-company rates? Then contact us.


We are LCS accredited. That is why we are also allowed to examine and certify ourselves. Did you get your Yellow, Green or Black Belt training from a different organisation, but you do not have a certificate? We offer you the chance to subsequently acquire a certificate.

LCB also helps self-employed entrepreneurs and other providers of Lean training courses to offer their own clients and trainees, in the background, with their examination and certification.


LCB has published the book ‘De toolbox voor dienstverlening’ and uses this for its own training courses and certifications. It is based on the complete translation of ‘The Service Systems Toolbox’ by John Bicheno and describes in detail the three most powerful concepts for services in the 21st century: Lean thinking, design thinking and systems thinking, and tells exactly how they can be applied.


We regularly organize events for our clients and the people with whom we cooperate. We consciously do this to get to know each other better, to realize collaborations and to increase networks. Read on for a review of previous events.


LCB strives for quick processes by eliminating waste so that processing times and turnover times are structurally shortened and ‘flow’ occurs. Results from clients improve and customers are more satisfied.


LCB anticipates at the continuously changing customer requirements and moves with this. This way, there is a connection made with the client. The wish of LCB’s client is the wish of LCB’s customer and guiding for the service provided.


LCB stands for quality. Quality is realised by having your affairs in order and applying proper standards. This appears, for example, from our NRTO membership, our LCS accreditation and handling of NEN4400-1.

Lean Capability Builders (LCB)

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